Charlotte’s Clean Water Initiative: Reduce and Report Pollution


For the past several years, the Queen City – Charlotte, North Carolina – has been working to improve water quality for all. This includes reducing water contaminants as well as restoring the flow of water through the city’s concrete maze via its many streams and creeks. But, it is not just a government effect as residents and visitors are encourage to get involved.

Reducing and reporting pollution is an easy way to help improve our city and, dare I say, save the world! We will review ways you can reduce water pollution and how to report a problem.

Homeowners, property owners, and even farmers can implement “green” care for lawns, landscaping and crops. By reducing the amount of fertilizer and pesticide, you will also be decreasing the amount of contaminates that can runoff into streams and creeks. If these polluting substances were to go unchecked then the results would be catastrophic to aquatic life, and eventually effecting the entire ecosystem which will jeopardize the well being of humans and animals alike.

In addition to “green” practices, people can also be careful not to cause excess debris to enter our waterways. People are also asked to help prevent muddy excess mud from enter waterways by reporting muddied streets. Some people don’t realize that rain water goes from the sewer drains straight to local lakes and streams. They also may not know that Charlotte’s drinking water systems start with pumping water from Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake.


The City of Charlotte has a app called Water Watch which will allow you to report a problem quickly and easily. By reporting a problem in a timely manner, the city may be able to act immediately to correct it. If you’re a resident of Charlotte, we recommend downloading the app today -just in case- and also explore the information made available on

Want your home water tested? Click here to request a water test from Carolina Water Products.


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